I dyded my hair purple and nothing magical happened…

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I wrote a post about bucking societal norms… I didn’t really want purple hair, it was a hyperbole. But, in the wake of that blog post, I thought, “What the hell? Let’s experiment!” So, I dyed my hair purple.

What happened when I dyed my hair purple? Did I become more creative? Funnier? Did I feel more like myself? No. The only thing that changed is that I am more self-conscious, because I HAVE PURPLE HAIR! It’s a statement that is more permanent than putting on a unicorn headband, but not as permanent as a tattoo. Do I hate it? No. But, it isn’t me. This further proves the following:

Your temporary circumstances do not have to define your permanent reality.

- Greg Hartle

Dying my hair purple doesn’t make me anymore of what I want to be than sitting around, dreaming of creative endeavors, and not doing anything about it. My days at my real estate firm haven’t changed just because I dyed my hair purple. I’m still doing work that feels flat. I’m not making a global impact. I feel like I’m wasting my energy doing data entry and spreadsheets.

HOWEVER, continuing on the theme of defining my reality… I’ve figured out how to combat some of the stuff I hate to do to free up some of my time to work on things that I love. I’ve hired an intern. Please pray for him. He has no idea what he’s gotten himself into… 🙂


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