The Perfect Monday

posted on August 4th 2014 in musings with 0 Comments

I do a lot of thinking on Sundays… Today I’m fascinated with what my perfect “Monday”s would look like. What my ideal workweek feels and smells like. I keep sensing large volumes of air surrounded by creative and inspiring brilliance collaborating on projects making the world a better place.

What does the perfect Monday look like for you? What are you going to do tomorrow to move closer to it?

I could end this post there and just keep it positive, or I could share some of my feelings on my temporary circumstances…

Going to work tomorrow doesn’t excite me. My tomorrow consists of a decent sized office in a concrete cave with only a port hole for a window. The volume of air in that room is minuscule and it is heavy. I’ll be working on things that do not inspire me. I’ll be doing things that don’t really make a global impact. I’ll smile and make short, witty comments to my dad about how awesome I am when he tells me that I am difficult to work with as I challenge his way of thinking…

I am in the position that most anyone else in the world would love to be in… Family business, well paid, flexible schedule, and I’m really good at what I do… but I crave the creative, the global impact, the type of work that makes me think deeply and create things of lasting impact. I need more meaning in my work.

Wife. Mother. Instigator. Creator of innovative ideas and bold expressions.

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