I want purple hair.

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I am a magical rainbow unicorn stuck inside the guise of a commercial real estate broker. And, this internal struggle is exhausting.

Have you seen the movie The Fifth Element? You know the part where they are in the airport and the alien is trying to check-in and tell the ticket agent that he is Corbin Dallas? He is trying to keep the guise of being human, but his alien is so strong that it is starting to creep through?? (you can see what I’m talking about here from 3:00-3:15) That’s how I feel trying to hold back the fact that I am a magical rainbow unicorn.

So, why not just dye my hair purple and don a unicorn horn? Because I feel like if I do that, I will not be taken seriously as a professional. Why? Because I am uber judgmental and would totally judge a commercial real estate broker with purple hair (or patterned fingernail wraps) as too creative and fun to possibly be a competent real estate professional. And, at the same time, I would be super jealous they have the courage to express themselves so freely. Seth Godin wrote a blog post recently where he explored a similar topic. The following except from that blog post has been making me think…

Is adherence to cultural norms an indicator of quality and care in other areas? If it’s not, how much do we lose when we shun people who don’t care about the cultural foundations that we grew up with?

- Seth Godin

Because I want to be taken seriously, I hold back my inner misfit and adhere to cultural norms and expectations. But, what if I could be spectacular letting that inner misfit out to play? What if that spectacularity actually propelled my business to new heights? Attracted more of what I want to be doing? What if, just by being myself, I created a symphony of change?

I am a magical rainbow unicorn

Wife. Mother. Instigator. Creator of innovative ideas and bold expressions.

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