Grab a machete and hack down your own path.

posted on July 29th 2014 in failure with 0 Comments

My job sucked the life out of me today. I spent a majority of my day working on getting a client’s HVAC system back online. It’s been acting up for weeks and my vendors have screwed up more than they have fixed. My expertise is not in this area, and yet I’m problem solving blatant issues that they failed to see.

Some days I just want to walk away.

Am I going to spend the rest of my life answering calls about people’s HVAC not working? How can I elevate what it is that I do to bring in more revenue so that I can hire a property manager to take over the daily work so that I can focus on asset management and growing my other businesses? My father keeps wanting to talk about me growing my real estate business… But, I don’t have any desire to grow my real estate business. I’d like to manage that as my portfolio and if something interesting comes along, possibly acquire and add to my portfolio… But, I don’t want to grow my brokerage business. I don’t enjoy the work. Yes, I’m good at it and people like me, and I create wealth for the people whose property I manage, but I don’t love it. It would be a shame to waste the one life that you have to live doing things that you don’t enjoy…

One of my favorite quotes: “You have only one life and you can spend it living in the shadow of someone else’s destiny, playing it safe and following the well-lit paths, or you can grab a machete and hack down your own.” – AJ Leon

It is days like today that I want to channel my inner AJ Leon and just walk into my dad’s office wielding a machete and wearing a unicorn headdress and tell him that I have decided to go live my life and, I’ve lined up my replacement and trained her so you are good to go, thanks for not disowning me and you can’t stop me!


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